It all began with just one too many sunsets that inspired us to create the concept of our brand in May 2019 (more info from our founders' close and touching story coming soon!)

Everyone looks flawless when the sunset hits your skin, radiating a glow that you wish would just last forever.  

We created Skin Lover Perfecting Serum / Sunset Edition to live out these precious moments all day long.

How we decided to to do this? We used plant-based oils. Enriched with essential fatty acids, nutrient-dense properties and antioxidants, the right facial oils give you smooth, glossy, plump & buttery skin. Tamanu Oil, in particular, has been used over centuries to heal burns, scars, scrapes and other wounds due to its remarkable skin-regenerative properties. This is why we consider it our Holy Grail ingredient.

To take it up another notch, we created our science-backed #CommitToClear challenge as we believe that skincare is a daily commitment that involves more than just topical treatments. 

It's our way of life. Our diet, sleep cycle, water intake, stress levels, exercise and hormones that contribute to the health of our skin, which is why we are so deeply passionate about educating our audience on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to achieve the skin you've always wanted.

As you can see, we're all about mixing plant-based oils with science-based remedies.Throw in a little luxe, and that's us!